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The installation of the Collective Museum, first outside the walls and then in an abandoned place, should encourage reflexion on the memory of Casablanca and a collective commitment. Thanks to its longterm negotiation work, with residents, artists term negotiation work, with residents, artists and researchers as well as with public actors, the Atelier de l'Observatoire has set up in the heart of the city park of the Arab League. 

The Collective Museum in two containers for a period of one year. This alternative solution to the places initially targeted has a strong symbolic value and a powerful impact because it involves reactivating a place that has barely reopened to the public and renovated, a place that has remained closed for a long time. Also, the installation in containers is similar to the showcase already used by the Atelier de l'Observatoire and reactivates containers is sim forgotten since 2016 by the authorities. The containers of the Collective Museum are a draft of the Center for Art and Research of the Collective Memory of Casablanca, before its installation in a public place to be reactivated. The device provided by Casa Patrimoine received a great deal of enthusiasm. It is the first museum dedicated to the memory of Casablanca.

This device will be confiscated by Casa Patrimoine in July 29th, and the Collective Museum is still looking for a new persistent place for its exhibition, and to continue welcoming artists, researchers and inhabitants.  

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