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The Greenhouse, Sidi Moumen -Casablanca, 2014

2nd édition

October 2014 - February 2015

Cultural Center " Les Etoiles" at Sidi Moumen -Casablanca


Cycle of workshops, research, collective creations and interventions by contemporary artists to collectively rethink the city and its uses, and seek to reclaim urban and peri-urban spaces.


The Green Guerilla Movement (or Green guerilla) is driven by the desire and the will for a better community life in the city. It began in the United States in 1973 with the conversion by citizens and artists of an abandoned housing estate in Manhattan into a collective garden. In Sidi Moumen, it takes the form of workshops, research, collective creations and interventions by contemporary artists with the inhabitants of the neighborhood (making and throwing seed bombs, collective reflection on green spaces that have become landfills or parking lots, comics, design, recycling, creation of a shared garden, culinary design, mini-publications, etc..).


With interventions by Abderrahim Nidallha; Khalid Bastrioui, Delphine Huguet, Juliette Déjoué, Igor16382, Kaouthar Oudrhiri, Hind Oudrhiri, Mohamed Fariji, Romane Bary 





Workshop: December 17, 18 and 19, 2014


Realization of an "Edible Zellige" composed of loukoums and financiers with tastes and geometric shapes telling the desires of the participants in the workshop about their city and their neighborhood. Tasting in public to invite to incorporate and digest these dreams.

Led by Delphine Huguet

Delphine Huguet (Paris-Montreal) is a leading figure in culinary design in the world. She develops a culinary world as "a sensitive escape, sometimes shocking but always delicious".


Culinary design associates the act of eating with other sensations; reflection, sharing, contestation, dreams, poetry or even play. 


Presentation and public tasting: December 20 at 16 p.m. at the Cultural Center "Les Etoiles" in Sidi Moumen.


Pirates of the cities : SEED BOMBS


Saturday, November 29 and Sunday, November 30, 2014 with Juliette Foilé and Igor 16382: making and throwing seed bombs.


Seed bombs are composed of clay, earth and seeds. We launch them in urban spaces lacking greenery, vacant lots, cracks in concrete buildings or even parking lots, slum roofs, abandoned spaces to make your city bloom. 


Juliette Déjoue (Berlin) is an artist-illustrator and Igor 16382 (Villefranche de Rouergue) is a visual artist, screen printer and performer.


The notebook


Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 November 2014 


The team of the exhibition invested the neighborhood of Sidi Moumen and try to give an account through texts, drawings, images, interviews, and other modes of free expression of this peri-urban space through the use of its inhabitants.

A mapping object of the symbolic places of the neighborhood, based on the daily experiences and the stories of the inhabitants created collectively.

with Hind and Kaouthar Oudrhiri

Hind Oudrhiri (Casablanca) graduated from the National School of Architecture (ENA) in Rabat. His work revolves around several disciplines bordering on architecture: scenography, design and contemporary art.


Kaouthar Oudrhiri (Casablanca) is a journalist particularly committed to supporting contemporary cultural production. She surprises with her incisive way of processing information and her gaze that makes her see in the current events little stories to tell.


Our secret urban gardens


Collective and experimental creation of a comic strip.


Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 November 


Two days to cut-paste-deconstruct-reconstruct-ink-write-divert-improvise and imagine secret gardens in the city (in buildings, on cars, factories, grocery stores, scooters, on the tram, on sidewalks, streets, roads, etc.)

with Abderrahim Nidalha

Abderrahim Nidalha (Agadir) is a comic artist graduated from the National Institute of Fine Arts in Tetouan.

Living with others

Sunday, October 26, 2014 10h -18h 

Day on The Greenhouse at Atelier de l'Observatoire 

With the interventions of Sofia Aguiar et Tomas Colaco (artists, Lisbonne)

The cans


Saturday, October 15, 2014 10am-18pm

Design and collective creation of eco-furniture for the JARDA from recycled and diverted everyday objects. Supervised by Khalid el Bastrioui. 

Khalid Bastrioui (Al Hoceima) is a designer artist graduated from the National Institute of Fine Arts in Tetouan.




Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 October 2014


Creation of the eco-participatory garden of Sidi Moumen: shared green space open to all residents of the neighborhood wishing to invest in its management, gardening freely or animating activities there.


Romane Bary (Tangier) is a school educator and environmental facilitator.

Mohamed Fariji (Casablanca) is a visual artist.​

With the support of the Heinrich Boell Rabat Foundation.

collective creation of eco-furniture
creation of an eco-participation garden
making edible zellige
seed bomb workshop
collective, experimental creation of a comic strip
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