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The Greenhouse El Firdaous, Casablanca, 2020

9th edition

On the initiative of L'atelier de l'Observatoire, THE GREENHOUSE has set up the residence on the banks of Lake Al Firdaous in Oulfa (Casablanca) from 7 to 14 March 2020.

THE GREENHOUSE offered a shared workspace, a free coffee, a contemporary art information desk, participatory workshops, a library, audiovisual screenings and meetings. It was open to all for formal and informal meetings and dialogue between citizens, artists, cultural operators, policy makers and others. Workshops have been held in parallel with the general public (students, young artists, residents of the Firdaous - Oulfa district) and culminate in the production of films, works and publications.

Artists were invited to produce and design projects in public space related to the Al Firdaous district, Al Oulfa Lake, its history and contemporary uses. The theme of water was at the heart of the artistic interrogations that took place in and around the Greenhouse. Artistic works as well as curatorial experiments in water-related research have been presented to the public to encourage reflection on the role of water in the environment.

Main partners : Institut Français de Casablanca, Le Bruit du Frigo, Centre Culturel Al Firdaous.


Covid19 and confinement have affected programming at Serre el Firdaous

El Oulfa Lake, Al Firdaous, Casablanca

instalation de la serre al firdaous.jpg
la serre firdaous d'en haut.jpg

Installation of the Greenhouse

Pedalo-Ziou Ziou- Fariji.jpg
IMPedalo Fariji.jpg
pedalo FARIJI.jpg

Mohamed Fariji activates a pedalo on Lake el Oulfa

Rebeca Konforti2.jpg
Rebeca Konforti1.jpg
Rebeca Konforti.jpg
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