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LA SERRE x LA SERRE : Ahuntsic, Montréal, Canada 

12th edition

For this 2023 edition,THE GREENHOUSE de l'Atelier de l'Observatoire is partnering with La Serre - arts vivants for meetings, family activities, artistic performances and open-air cinema from 23 to 24 September 2023 in the Ahuntsic district of Montreal. 

L'Atelier de l'Observatoire and La Serre - arts vivants share a commitment to supporting emerging, alternative and innovative artistic approaches that highlight the links between performative gestures and society. The two organisations also share the French language.


Saturday, 23rd September 

10am-5pm : Workshops - Nicolas Viel Park


Throughout the event, the writer, cartoonist, playwright and actress Hoda Adra will create a sensitive documentation of the event. By capturing the exchanges and their echoes in the park and its surroundings, Hoda allows the story of our encounters to be shared beyond the limits of time and space.


Mycelium created an audio archive of the event. He plays in the cheap art of low court, doing mainly live art and radio. Co-host of Audio Smut on CKUT since 2020, he is interested in fairies, puppets, sexuality and magic. Broadcast on the airwaves of Audio Smut CKUT 90.3FM on 4 October at 18h

Seed Bombs

Everyone is invited to come and make these little balls rich in seeds and thus participate, with dirty hands, in building a greener and more lush future.

With the participation of Mohamed Fariji 


We invite you to borrow a book from a rolling library and take a moment on the grass to enjoy the pleasures of reading outdoors.

in collaboration with the Ahuntsic House of Culture 

The word of the neighbourhood 

This calligraphy workshop proposes to create together banners with the words of the Participants, to share them and make them resonate with the wind. The calligrapher will be able to translate them and inscribe them in the traditional Diwani calligraphy, a calligraphic style of the Arabic cursive alphabet.

With the participation of Shadi Doummar and Mohamed Fariji.


(Self)Portrait of the Queer Body 

In this living model workshop, the artists share their prisms in the face of representation, through drawing and photography.The approach is imagined in concert with Queer Bodies, which creates safe and inclusive spaces, rethinking the practice of the living model from a queer perspective and valuing body diversity. Drawing the living requires a form of benevolent attention that facilitates the creation of sensitive connections and allows socialisation to celebrate and better represent the beauty of multiple and marginalised bodies.

With the participation of Rose de la Riva and Inès Bouallou

Artistic interventions

Installation for the exhibition, Delphine Huguet

"The "" series erects breasts like monuments and imagines the insatiable obsession we have with them [...] " Mylène Lachance-Paquin

Froot Zerre

In a participatory installation, the visual artist, archaeologist and scenographer invites everyone to create their own fruit. With the help of paper and paint, a vast harvest of the most amazing, gigantic and rooted in the craziest limits of imagination will be built over two days of activity.

Scenography by Audrée Lewka

2:30pm-3pm : Performance by Rose de la Riva

Attentive to the care of all beings, the artist establishes a close link between the dormancy of plants and the traumas resulting from the cycles of capitalist productivity.

3pm-3:30pm : The body between truce and dream by Inès Bouallou

Bouallou's portraits explore the body, making it lyrical and free. In particular, she looks at the relationship between empowerment and deliberate eroticism.


3:30pm : Conversation between Inès Bouallou and Rose de la Riva

Presented by Mohamed Fariji

5pm : Talk : Breasts, bodies, artistic and curatorial practices

"" by Delphine Huguet

"Self-portraits" by Inès Bouallou

and "Seinography" by Eugenie Forno

Moderated by Claudel Doucet

7pm: Discussion with Sana Akroud, director of "Myopia"

with Bouchra Assou


7:30pm-9pm: Screening of Myopia, a film by Sana Akroud

This cinematic work encourages reflection and questioning on the harsh and bitter reality of rural women in Morocco: Fatem, pregnant in her sixth month, leaves her mountain village to fill an empty spectacle frame for the village eldest.

Sunday, 24 September

10am-5pm : Workshops - Nicolas Viel Park

Philosophy workshop for children (8-10 years) and adults

SÈVE offers tools for better development and for becoming human beings who are able to think, express themselves and dialogue with others. Anchored in the foundations of philosophy, SÈVE offers training programs and practical workshops in philosophical dialogue and the art of attention in schools, institutions, organizations and cultural circles throughout the province of Quebec.

With the participation of SÈVE MONTREAL

2:30pm-3:30pm Collective Museum - Ahuntsic


The Collective Museum is the result of a work of research, collection, reflection and creation that involves actions in the neighbourhoods aimed at bringing out little-known stories.

By Mohamed Fariji


3:30pm : Meetings

Open seminar on art and care

This activity is in continuity with the meetings of the Art and Care seminar, which has brought together the SERRE-arts vivants and the Gouin Psychology Centre for the last 2 years. The artists, caring.e.s, neat.e.s and researchers met monthly to discuss together a text, a work, a fragment of reflection - support for the development of a conversation space. This group explored care as a 'social project', linking resonances, reciprocities and reverberations and these two communities.

They therefore open the conversation by embracing the meeting device proposed by Mohamed Fariji and discuss with the curatorial team of the Observatory's workshop their perspectives on the place of care and art in public space, at the heart of their artistic approach

Poster and Program

LA SERRE -arts vivants is a creative centre dedicated to improving the conditions of practice of emerging artists in Montreal/Tiohtià:ke/Mooniyang. Its operation is based on three complementary axes of activity: the proposal of research-creation spaces, the support of delegated production and the realisation of events, including the OFFTA - festival of living arts. These actions are implemented by activating collaborations between artists and local, national and international partners.

In partnership with the Canada Council for the Arts and the Maison de la Culture à Ahuntsic 

©Amélie Aumont
©Morgane Dugas
©Morgane Dugas
©Morgane Dugas
calligraphy workshops
Seed bombs workshops
©Amélie Aumont
Conversation between Ines Bouallou and Rose de la Riva
©Amélie Aumont
Self-portrait of the Queer Body
Calligraphy workshop by Shadi Doummar 
extract from the Greenhouse Journal, Hoda Adra
©Atelier de l'Observatoire
©Amélie Aumont
projection of Myopia, by Sana Akroud
a collection for the Collective Museum 
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