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The Educational Greenhouse at Laasilat, 2013-4

1st édition

With a surface area of over 200m2, the Greenhouse is installed year-round at the Atelier de l'Observatoire in a rural setting (30km from Casablanca), which also includes the Atelier (work space), a residency-lodge, the vegetable garden (permaculture space)  and a children's playground


The GREENHOUSE aims to recreate the ideal conditions necessary for artistic and cultural development, in an often hostile environment.


It is designed to host performances, experiments, workshops and interventions by artists as well as researchers, botanists and scientists throughout the year.


The GREENHOUSE offers artists and participants the chance to approach a certain independence of creation and thought, freeing themselves from external aspects that are all too often restrictive, and to grow outside imposed constraints. Just as the vegetables and flowers - planted by the participants - grow within the greenhouse, in a recreated universe favorable to their growth and development.


October 2014: Construction of the Greenhouse (participative worksite) and launch.


November and December 2014: Weekly workshops every Sunday for the children of the Greenhouse community (sewing, recycling, drawing, etc.).

Creation of the children's eco-playground from recycled materials.


Led by Juliette Déjoué, Igor Boyer, Badia Dennay, Zahira Dennay, Abdessamad El Montassir, Tomas Colaco, Sofia Aguiar, Safa Allali, Abdelwahed Nora and Mohamed Fariji

THE GREENHOUSE before the greenhouse

Screen printing workshop at Souk Sebt, Laasilat


Saturdays February 8 and 15, 2014 at Souk Sebt Laasilat


A proposal by L'Atelier de l'Observatoire for the Marcel Pimpante screen-printing truck.


Introductory workshop to experimental screen printing with ghassoul, Chefchaouen paint pigments, sun exposure of canvases, scratching on transparent paper painted black, graffiti, drawing, painting.


Workshop open to all and led by Fen and Stef de la Colline (artists in residence) with the collaboration of Mohamed Arejdal, Zineb Benjelloun, Mohamed Fariji, Léa Morin, Abderrahim Nidalha, Nabil Qerjij, Said Rami and Soufiane Zorgane (Zorg).

Serigraphy, badges and printing workshops


Sundays July 7 and 14, 2013 at Atelier de l'Observatoire.



Full-day Workshop - Departure from Casablanca - picnic on site.


Silkscreen workshops, printing on bags and T shirts, and badge making.




Theme 2: LA REVUE SOUFFLES and Morocco in the 60s and 70s (graphic design, cinema, painting, literature, etc.)


led by Mohamed Fariji with the collaboration of Mohamed el Mourid and Said Rami.

With the support of Heinrich Boell Foundation, Rabat

screen printing workshop
Serigraphy, badges and printings workshops
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