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Swab Art Fair Barcelona - 29.09 au 02.10

L'Atelier de l'Observatoire sera à la SWAB ART FAIR de Barcelone du 29 septembre au 2 octobre 2016 pour y présenter ses projets en cours : LA SERRE / LES INVISIBLES / LA RUCHE / LES INVISIBLES / L'AQUARIUM / LE MUSEE COLLECTIF.

Venez-nous y retrouver ainsi que les structures et initiatives artistiques marocaines, algériennes et tunisiennes qui seront représentées et participeront avec nous à deux rencontres, l'une sur les espaces artistiques indépendants dans la région, et l'autre sur les projets dans l'espace public.

Adresse :

PAVELLÓN ITALIANO (Z.6). FERIA BARCELONA (in front of Font Màgica de Montjuïc)

Détail du poster LA SERRE, Atelier de l'Observatoire, graphisme Mohamed Abitar



Curated by Xavier de Luca, the program FOCUS MAGREB deepens on the understanding of the realities and cultural dynamics, artistic and social that are taking place in the Maghreb region. FOCUS MAGREB has being conceived as an open space, a meeting point, a bridge, where there will be presented a selection of different collectives, artists, curators and cultural managers who are developing projects in different cities of Morocco, Algiers and Tunisia.

Le18 - Marrakech

Atelier de l'Observatoire - Laasilat, Casablanca

Box 24 - Algiers

Trans-Cultural Dialogues - Algiers

BAC Art Center - Sabelet Ben Ammar, Tunis

Maison de l'Image - Tunis

North Africa Cultural Mobility Map

JISER Reflexions Mediterrànies - Barcelona / Tunis

FOCUS MAGREB organizes two talks with the participation of all the guest collectives; creating a space where we would like to give a large visibility to the creative contexts in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, but also generate a joint debate around the different kind of organizations, projects and artistic initiatives in the Maghreb region

- Panorama of independent art spaces in the Maghreb area

In this session we’ll present the guests, which will give us their vision of the artistic and cultural situation in the region.

Speakers: Mohamed Fariji and Léa Morin (Atelier de l’Observatoire, Casablanca), Laila Hida and Francesca Masoero (LE18, Marrakech), Walid Aidoud (BOX24, Algiers), Mohamed Ben Soltane (BAC Art Center, Sabelet Ben Ammar, Tunis) and Wassim Ghozlani (Maison de l’Image, Tunis) Moderator: Xavier de Luca, FOCUS MAGREB curator, with Pau Catà, CeRCCa.

Time: Friday September 30th at 4.30pm

- Projects on the public space

This second session wants to present some projects that are currently taking place in the Maghreb region, which shows the relationship between artistic creation and public space. They’re based on a thorough understanding of the local contexts, thus making art visible and accessible through participatory processes, open and close to citizens.

​Speakers: Mohamed Fariji and Léa Morin (Atelier de l'Observatoire, Casablanca), Myriam Amroun, Annalisa Cannito, Wardia Hamadi i Ikram Hamdi Mansour (Trans-Cultural Dialogues, Algiers)

Moderator: Xavier de Luca, FOCUS MAGREB curator with Laia Ramos (Idensitat, Barcelona)

Time: Saturday October 1rst at 1pm

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