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The Aquarium

2012 -
Collective and participative reflection on the future of abandoned spaces and the role of citizens in their re-activation.



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L'Aquarium: Musée Collectif (2016)

Since 2012, at the initiative of the artist Mohamed Fariji, the Atelier de l’Observatoire has been working on the reactivation of the former Casablanca Aquarium, leading a collective utopic reflection on its future through dedicated workshops, visits, symposia, publications and exhibitions. Collective reflection on reconversion or reappropriation becomes in itself a new possible use for a space that has been drained of its first purpose and fallen into disuse.



L'Aquarium Imaginaire, 2014


June 2014, Galerie Fatma Jellal


Mohamed Fariji présente son projet L'Aquarium Imaginaire qui prend ici la forme d’une collection d’objets, posters, boules à neige souvenirs, flipper, puzzle, cartes, archives réelles et fictives, reproductions, et autres installations inédites, collectées et créés par l’artiste autour de l’imaginaire de l’ancien Aquarium de Casablanca fermé depuis les années 80.


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